Introducing the YARD Resource Library


Today we are making public our entire YARD Resource Library. Like you, we leverage the massive amount of research, data, inspiration, and study that has been applied to cities and neighborhoods worldwide. For nearly the past ten years, we have collected, cross-referenced, and organized thousands of articles, papers, and documents. This tool, powered by Evernote, has proven so useful to our work, we now want to make it open to everyone.

For the most powerful searching experience, complete the following easy steps:

  1. Sign up and download Evernote onto your CPU and/or mobile device(s)

  2. Go to the YARD Resource Library

  3. Click “Join Notebook” to add it to all of your devices

Of course, you can always just browse the thousands of notes that are available in the Library without going through these steps by just clicking the link in the box below and selecting “View Notebook.” Running it through the Evernote desktop or mobile app, however, allows you to easily filter by tag to the most relevant material. Either way, we hope you find this beneficial to your work and enjoy!