YARD & Company

Urban Design +
Development Strategy


Smarter. Quicker. More Inclusive. 

Our urban design practice provides the strategic vision for neighborhoods, districts, and urban core development. Our experience, market trends, and rapidly evolving demographics demonstrate a clear demand and premiums paid for walkable, connected, adaptable, and vibrant places. People are moving in, not out. We deliver programming, unit mix, development typologies, image, character, “phaseology” and a unique story that end users expect out of the places they spend time and money, are innovative and creative in their livelihoods, and rest their heads at night. It leads to results that are smarter, quicker, and more inclusive than conventional practice. Our work has been instrumental in guiding project stakeholders through the development process not only to expedite approvals, but to ensure that the project is meaningfully rooted to its context. Our unique approach helps market the project even prior to completion through beautiful drawings and renderings and by finding creative ways to broadcast a place’s story to get people to it. 

Selected projects