YARD selected to help Memphis Uptown


The Memphis Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has engaged YARD to help develop a Master Plan for Uptown Memphis. The CRA will be investing $95 million in TIF over the next 14 years and wants to ensure that money is spent strategically and equitably, while ultimately creating sustainable and long-lasting change for the Uptown neighborhoods. YARD was brought in to enhance the engagement during the planning process through our tailored Demand Discovery process. This process will work with residents and stakeholders to find smart/small investment wins that can begin immediately while unlocking possibilities for future growth. During the upcoming week-long charrette process YARD will use demand discovery to engage people where they are through low-cost programming and events that will activate demand for new development, better streets and great third places. These activities will happen in a diverse set of locations at different times as part of a larger effort to ensure all voices are heard in this important planning process that will ultimately shape the future of Uptown for several years. The end result will include a long range plan, targeted early wins and first phase development, and an outline for an operational structure that the CRA may use to vet TIF spending proposals.