YARD Launches Academic Partnership

This week marked the beginning of an academic partnership between YARD and the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning (DAAP). Over the coming weeks co-founders Kevin Wright and Joe Nickol will be advising an an intensive 7-week studio that will utilize the Neighborhood Playbook and Demand Discovery in Cincinnati’s Camp Washington Neighborhood. 

The neighborhood, located just northwest of downtown, has a mix of historic homes and industrial warehouse space. While the community has an active community development corporation and a high percentage of artists living and working in the neighborhood, it has been losing residential population for several years. 

The students enrolled in this 7-week studio will work with the CDC to identify a problem in the retail corridor and begin to address it through activation strategies. The end result being an event designed and implemented by the students and several neighborhood stakeholders and residents.

Keep an eye out for more details!