YARD co-launches the CONNECT Challenge


In 2019, YARD co-launched a new privately-led infrastructure challenge called the CONNECT Challenge. CONNECT’s first challenge will be targeted in the Northern Kentucky half of the Cincinnati region.

CONNECT enables individuals, organizations and their respective Cities to actively improve bike and pedestrian connections for their community. Our goal is to advance safe, supportive, and equitable infrastructure through a community-powered process of building and testing more people-centric infrastructure. This process, typically referred to as Tactical Urbanism, has been successfully used around the world to rapidly and inexpensively prototype new street configurations that better serve the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists. In turn, this process can inform permanent investment.  

CONNECT NKY is organized and led by Tri-State Trails and made possible by the generous support of The Devou Good Project.  CONNECT NKY will provide technical expertise of YARD & Company to work with the selected community in engaging, designing, and implementing the tactical demonstration project in spring 2019.