Mayfield and Green

MayfieldAndGreen-Rendering-Phase2-Emphasis sm.jpg

South Euclid is along the heavily traveled Mayfield corridor east of downtown Cleveland and University Circle. Over time, this corridor has suffered from high-speed vehicular travel that cuts off the community from its commercial core and makes the experience of the core unpleasant to walk or spend time in. As such, investment activity has been stubbornly low. To reverse these effects, the City, in conjunction with the CDC One South Euclid, worked with YARD to develop a 36-month plan for demand and supply investment in its core. The strategy focuses on three primary land owners and creates three places within one connected district. Early phases of work focus programming and smart small development along Garden Drive while more complex, larger projects take time to be realized. It also reorients the district for the time being away from Mayfield as the State is taking a ten year look at how to improve it for the communities it goes through. Instead, it makes the local Green Road the primary corridor for new activity.