East Main Street


Trotwood is a large inner ring suburb of Dayton, Ohio, with a strong family-oriented culture and rich history of racial diversity. The East Main Street corridor was once its downtown shopping destination, but after years of disinvestment the district has become out competed by newer districts. As such, private investment activity has been stubbornly low. To reverse these effects the City worked with YARD to develop a 36-month plan for demand and supply investment along the corridor. The strategy focuses on better connecting and re-orienting the district towards Wolf Creek and the Great Miami Bike Trail, smartly adapting auto-oriented strip centers into pedestrian oriented assets and turning East Main back into a ‘to’ place instead of a ‘through’ place. Early phases of work focus both intentional programming and smart small development along and near the creek, driving demand for the larger projects along the corridor as they take time to be realized.