The Neighborhood Playbook

The Neighborhood Playbook


The Neighborhood Playbook is a field guide for community members and developers that facilitates the activation of spaces with the goal of influencing physical and economic growth in neighborhoods. The Playbook helps create more neighborhood amenities where people want to spend time, interact socially, create memorable experiences, and connect with the built and natural environment. It allows entrepreneurial developers to explore new markets with lower risk en route to developing authentic, lasting investments. Together, developers and everyone else will be able to increase the value of their neighborhoods by making them healthier more fun places to live.

The Neighborhood Playbook is not available digitally. It is meant to be actively used, put in the back pocket or purse, written in, dog eared and beat up during use.


Neighborhood development shouldn’t happen to a place, it should happen with a place. While there are plenty of big and small developers out there who strive to lead projects this way, too often they are missing the mark or overlooking rich opportunity areas. The Neighborhood Playbook bridges the gap between developers and community members by giving both sides a set of plays that make it easier to identify opportunities where everyone wins.

Community members will:

  • Learn how to find spaces with problem-solving potential.

  • Gain insights into a set of common missteps to avoid when selecting a space.

  • Create amenities within their neighborhoods that activate the community and attract attention of investors.

Developers will:

  • Learn how to limit the risk and maximize the value of being a first-in developer.

  • Gain insight into the importance of creating lasting community relationships.

  • Create transitional amenities on the path to permanent development objectives.